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Our Introduction to Winter Climbing course suits those who have winter walking, some winter mountaineering and rock climbing experience, and who's aspirations are to climb winter routes safely and independently.

On this course you will climb grade 1 to 3 winter routes using two technical axes, climbing in pitches and using both mountaineering and climbing techniques to do so safely.

The course progresses as your skills and confidence grow and we always use locations that suit you and allow you to learn as much as possible, however a typically itinerary would be;

  • On our first day we will refresh your basic winter mountaineering skills. It is very important that we can crampon effectively, have the core winter skills and can evaluate the snowpack before moving onto steeper slopes. Next we’ll look at tying in, rope work, belays and simple anchors on a grade 1 gully.
  •  Day two and we’ll move onto climbing a mixed route (snow, ice and rock) at grade two. We’ll look at safe movement, decision-making, gear placements, anchors, belays, rope-work and stance management.

  • A mixed ice route will be our aim for day 3. Your guide will focus today on climbing techniques, stance management, protecting lead climbing and more decision-making. Today is a good opportunity to climb something harder than you might normally climb and to learn from watching how a climbing professional does it.

  • There are leading opportunities each day, but on day four, with all that you have learned and watched over the previous three days, you’ll climb a mixed grade I/II route. Belays, protecting the climb, decision making and moving safely will all be your responsibility; however you guide will climb alongside to coach you and give advice if required.

  • On day five, your final day, we refresh and consolidate what has been covered in the course. There’s the opportunity to lead more routes, focus on particular skills sets or to be guided on a harder route. It’s entirely up to you, but it’s important you finish the course with a good understanding of how to winter climb safely.

We believe the best way to winter climb safely is by having the experience to make the right decisions. That’s why on our course we aim to have you climbing and learning as much as possible to give you that climbing confidence.

These courses run with a ratio of 1:2, but if you would prefer a 1:1 ratio or bespoke dates, the cost is £235.00 per day.

You can download more course information here.

Please see below the dates when our courses are running, if these dates don't suit you, we may be able to offer alternative dates, so please get in touch.


£575.00 per person


up to 5 days

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