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The risk of an avalanche on the Scottish mountains is often underestimated, however avalanches do occur, many as a result of walkers and mountaineers, and many with disastrous consequences. Anybody who plans to spend time in the mountains during winter should know about avalanches and how to avoid them. Our Avalanche Awareness courses educate on the various types of avalanches, why they occur and where they occur. We also analyse and test the snowpack for its stability and look at indicators that could result in an avalanche. 

Our one day Avalanche Awareness course is aimed specifically at winter walkers who find themselves in the mountain environment making decisions about the stability of the snowpack.

Understanding an avalanche forecast and being able to apply this information to a map is essential. Once on the mountain being able to identify key places, safe routes and slopes angles are all very important skills.  

On this course we start with the basics and work through to planning and going on a mountain journey:

  • 'Planning & Preperation'; avalanche & weather forecasts
  • Using the 'Be Aware' information sheet
  • Winter Navigation
  • Weather influences
  • Terrain influences
  • Digging snow pits to analyse the snowpack and its layers
  • Different types of avalanhes 
  • Observations on the mountain
  • Making good decisions on the mountain
  • Safe route choice

The focus of the day is to learn about avalanche avoidance and to have a greater understanding of how avalanches are triggerd.

To get the most out of this course you should have some winter walking experience and be happy moving about the mountains. 

The cost for the course is £225.00, can have up to six people attending and will be run out of Aviemore, Cairngorms National Park.


£225.00 per day


up to 1 days

Course Start Dates:

This is a bespoke course and as such, no dates are set.

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