Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Price: from £295.00

Duration: 1 day

Canoe coaching in the Cairngorms, Scotland from qualified canoe coaches


Private Coaching  | Price: from £295.00 | Duration: 1 day

Private Coaching

#Canoe Adventures

Private canoe coaching day is the ideal way to build the skills and confidence for journeying independently in your canoe. 

Whether it's been a few years since you were last in a boat, you're new to the sport or there's a particular skill you are keen to master, a day spent with a highly qualified canoe coach will put you in good stead. To maximise your time, these days are best with small groups of one or two. This allows your coach to tailor the day around your requirements.

From the main lochs like Morlich and Insch to rivers like the Spey, Feshie and Findhorn we have a great variety of locations that offer a range of grades and character. We're based in Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland, and know our local area well so you can be sure we'll always use the best places.

These courses are delivered by Mark Ker who is a top end canoe coach and has been teaching canoeing for over twelve years. What he doesn't know about canoeing and what he can't coach, aren't worth knowing.... 

  • River running skills
  • Learn new techniques
  • Efficient forward paddling coaching; more miles, less effort
  • Expeditioning skills
  • River hazard avoidance
  • Open water safety awareness
  • Safety & rescue training
  • Refining existing paddle strokes
  • Advice on canoe equipment
  • Fitting out canoe to improve performance

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On Demand

This course is available on demand
from £295.00