Avalanche Awareness for Climbers

Avalanche Awareness for Climbers

Price: £295 pd

Duration: 1 day

Avalanche training for Scottish winter climbers based in Aviemore, Cairngorms, Scotland.


Avalanche Awareness for Climbers  | Price: £295 pd | Duration: 1 day

Avalanche Awareness for Climbers

#Winter Climbing

Our one day Avalanche Awareness training course is aimed specifically at Scottish winter climbers who find themselves in the mountains making decisions about the stability of the snowpack. This is often on the approach to a climb, in a gully, or when making your way off the mountain.

Avalanches occur more often than many people realise in Scotland, often with tragic consequences. But with some basic understanding of snow types and how weather affects the snowpack, many could be prevented.

Eliminating the potential for avalanches is impossible, but minimising risk isn't. 

Understanding avalanche forecasts and applying this information to maps is crucial. We'll also teach you to identify key places and safe routes, and you'll learn vital information about slope angles.

We start with the basics, then work through to planning and executing a mountain journey. As we head into the mountains we'll make key observations and analyse the snow pack.

Course Highlights and Skills

- Planning & Preparation - understanding avalanche & weather forecasts
- Using the "Be Aware" information sheet
- Winter navigation
- Weather influences
- Terrain influences
- Digging snow pits to analyse the snowpack
- Different types of avalanches
- Observations on the mountain
- Making good decisions
- Safe route choices
- Emergency procedure

The focus of this course is learning about avalanche avoidance and gaining greater understanding about how avalanches are triggered.

The cost of the course is £295.00 and we can cater for up to six people per course. 


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