Hire a guide summer

Hire a guide summer

Price: £330 pd

Duration: up to 5 days

Hire a guide for your own tailor made adventure. Learn new skills or simply be guided for an enjoyable day in the mountains.


Hire a guide summer  | Price: £330 pd | Duration: up to 5 days

Hire a guide summer

#Hill Walking

Hire a guide and create your own adventure! The great thing about having your own guide is the course is tailored to you and is very flexible.

Perhaps you want a personal navigation course, to learn about wild camping, or simply be guided in the mountains. 

Whatever your requirement, our experienced guides are happy to help.

The cost of £330/day is for a party of up to 4 people. Extra people are charged at £15 per person, per day. 

If you would enjoy the challenge of staying out overnight in the mountains this can be accomodated. Our guides cost an extra £95 per overnight stay.

Level > Easy
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On Demand

This course is available on demand
£330 pd