Hire a guide

Hire a guide

Price: £265 pd

Duration: up to 5 days

Hire a mountain guide for winter hill walking & learning winter skills. Based Aviemore, Cairngorms, Scotland.


Hire a guide  | Price: £265 pd | Duration: up to 5 days

Hire a guide

#Winter Walking

You can hire a guide and create your own adventure. The great thing about having your own guide is the course is tailored around you and is very flexible.

Whether you want to have your own winter skills course, be guided in the mountains, learn about avalanches or winter navigation, our experienced and qualified guides are happy to help.

The cost of £265/day is for a party of up to 6 people. Crampons, ice axes, helmets and harnesses are all included in the cost

If you would enjoy the challenge of staying out overnight in the mountains, our guides cost an extra £95/overnight. 

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On Demand

This course is available on demand
£265 pd