Winter Mountaineering and Climbing - 5 days

Winter Mountaineering and Climbing - 5 days

Price: £825 pp

Duration: 5 days

Introduction to Winter Mountaineering and climbing. 5 day course based in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

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5 day introduction Scottish winter climbing
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Winter Mountaineering and Climbing - 5 days  | Price: £825 pp | Duration: 5 days

Winter Mountaineering and Climbing - 5 days

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Our Introduction to Scottish Winter Mountaineering course progresses from winter walking to climbing. It is aimed at people who have winter hill walking experience in Scotland and who have aspirations of moving onto steeper and more challenging terrain.

The course aims to teach you the skills required for moving safely on steeper terrain during winter such as steep snow, gullies, and rocky ridges, using ropes and mountaineering  and climbing techniques.

This course is aimed at learning the skills to become an independent winter mountaineer.

Typical Itinerary    

Day One
On our first day we refresh core winter skills such as good footwork, cramponing, using ice axes, avalanche awareness and navigation. It's essential to have these fundamental skills at a good level before moving onto steeper terrain. We'll also introduce ropes, harnesses and basic belays.
Day Two
We’ll move onto steeper terrain, looking at personal techniques for moving safely; how and when to use a rope; simple snow and rock anchors, and belaying.
Day Three
You’ll put the skills you have learned into practice as we move through the mountains on steeper snow slopes. Your guide will climb by your side, keeping you right as you make decisions, choose anchors and make belays.
Day Four
This day will be another journey into the mountains, but this time on rocky mixed ground. Ridges are a challenging mountain feature, requiring a different strategy to climbing gullies and snow slopes.
Day Five
Our final day will see us moving on mixed snow and rock terrain using a combination of the different techniques you have learned. There is also an opportunity  to re-visit anything covered earlier in the course that you would like refreshed.

(Please note: weather and snow conditions can affect the order in which skills are covered and the itinerary can change.)

Course highlights

- Planning a mountaineering or climbing day
- What to wear and carry
- Route selection
- Advanced crampon and ice axe skills
- Tying in, building belays, placing runners and belaying
- Snow and rock anchors
- Abseiling and retreating from a route
- Problem solving
- Avalanche avoidance
- Small ratios, max 1:2.


If the proposed dates of our courses don't suit you or you're looking for a shorter course we may be able to offer alternative dates, so please get in touch. If you would prefer a 1:1 ratio or bespoke dates, the cost is £330.00 per day.

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